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Monday, January 28, 2008

The rumor mill churns...

No one's talking seriously about deposing King Keegle yet... er, right? TDH has been hearing some rumors (and even some rumours) that the bosses are already lining up a replacement for next season - perhaps Jose Antonio Camacho, the really-not-ever-very-successful Spaniard who somehow keeps getting jobs.

Oh please. As though a new coach is all we need. If we're lucky, we're on a long road to recovery from a deep depression. New owners, check. New managers, check. New players, sort of check. New physios, we can only hope. And wait.

TDH didn't see all of the Arsenal match, and it didn't look bad for a while there. But the wheels inevitably came off. Alan Shith returned to the pitch. Lousy draw aside, the Toon has no excuses for this exit from the last competition in which we had any sort of interest. Progress will be slow.


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