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Friday, January 20, 2006

"Another fine mess you've gotten me into..."

Just a brief note from TDH today. Wigan's Dave Whelan, a long-time enemy of the philandering Swede, has touted his own Paul Jewell and City's Stuart Pearce to take over from Sven - immediately - at England's helm.

TDH had a think about this, and though Jewell's miracle up north has been mighty impressive, there may be room for improvement. Yes, TDH believes that Pearce is such a cool surname that the team really ought to have two of it.

That's right. Stuart Pearce and Jonathan Pearce. One, a fount of football heart and emotion. The other, a vast databank of football knowledge and tactics. See, Pearce and Pearce complement each other in a way that Pearce and Jewell (just doesn't sound right, does it?) never could. They'd be kind of like Laurel and Hardy. But in England. With football.

And one other thing. What does Mohamed al-Fayed need when one of his businesses is faltering but may be on the brink of better times? Well, how about a Bridge Loan? TDH'll be here all week....


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