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Monday, October 22, 2007

Brightening TDH's day

In a rare occurrence, TDH had the chance to watch the Spurs match live from here in the Big Apple. And forget the fact that we looked disorganized in the first half, that the midfield seemed to be a mess for long periods, that Owen didn't quite have his touch... TDH's entire mood improved as Milner's trademark volley popped into the corner of the net.

Yet another 3-1 against Spurs! And some newsworthy events, too. For example, Cacapa's shaving of his beard seems to have improved his aerodynamics. But more importantly, there was Joey Barton playing at SJP in a competitive Premier League match! TDH can't say the little thug did anything earthshattering, but what a pleasure it was to see two strong players - Barton and Rozenhal - coming on to seal things up at the end.

And what a pleasure, too, to see Beye playing neat and tidy football on one side and Jose Enrique tirelessly diving into tackles on the other. TDH can't say the quality of their crosses was fully satisfactory, but perhaps that will improve with time.

From Spurs' side, what was Martin Jol thinking, benching Berbatov? When the Bulgarian wizard was charging in alongside Keane and Bent, Spurs actually looked dangerous for the first time. And then on came Lennon - why has he been out of favor? TDH likes Jol, and not just because he looks like Jaws from the James Bond films, or because he has two enormous battle tanks named Huddlestone and Kaboul imitating him on the pitch, but the man signed his own death-warrant with his Gullit-Shearer impersonation today.

At any rate, TDH will put those excuses aside. Why? Well, TDH knows all too well that as a member of the Toon Army, you have to enjoy the good times while you can....