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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Following the script, at last

Today's scoresheet against Reading looked exactly the way so many Toon fans had doubtlessly composed it in their dreams for countless games earlier this year: 3-0, goals from Martins, Owen and Viduka. How long have we waited for this moment? Too long, of course. And now, the dreaming Toon fan wonders, could Keegle's men win out?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Keegle's goal of bettering Roeder's 43-point haul is a realistic and worthy one. Indeed, we should be able to gain the fabled "mid-table respectability" which has so long been the province of trophy-laden clubs like Villa and City, ahem. Will there be better things to come next year? Don't bet on it. The season of two halves has become a nasty habit, and there's still no evidence of any of the equally fabled "tactical nous" that we have lacked for so many years.


TDH has been hearing the rumors about Rodrigo Palacios. First, he's going to Lazio. No, now Chelsea is interested. Well, TDH has a message for all of Europe's prospective buyers: caveat emptor. Palacios is having a nice run at the moment, but generally speaking he's only speed - no finishing. Plus, guess what? At 26 years old, he's not getting any faster. Rodrigo himself says he'll never leave Boca. TDH says menos mal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

En realidad, parece que Rodrigo cambió de idea. Su contrato con Boca finaliza en junio de 2010, pero en los últimos tiempos aseguró que le gustaría ir a jugar a Europa.

2:11 AM  
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