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Sunday, February 24, 2008

TDH returns, though nothing else changes

(Apologies for the long delay, but TDH had written a beautiful long post that Blogger somehow swallowed. So, let us say that TDH was temporarily disillusioned. But now, back to the matter at hand.)

TDH remembers a time, not so long ago, when it was actually exciting to watch the Magpies in action. Now it's a sort of loathesome duty, an unpleasant but necessary obligation for two hours on a Saturday afternoon - like a funeral for an in-law you've never met.

Well, it won't be long until we see Keegle's funeral. If you ask TDH, the true Magpie Messiah was sitting up in the stands yesterday. He was the grinning one with the mop of white hair. Funny how we haven't had any pretty football to watch since he was around, except for a few good performances under Roeder. In fact, Roeder remains TDH's favorite of the past FOUR managers. Imagine that.

At least Keegle's attitude is realistic. But what does he have strategy-wise? The midfield was a mess. The defenders were lost at sea - three of them in the 18-yard box, and none of them stuck to Kiki Ron closely? Can Zog really play defense if he lets Wine Hrooney have ten yards for free? What's Barton doing all the way over on the left? Ugh.

And then there was Alan Smith, that unfortunate legacy of Big Ham's reign. TDH was trying to count Smith's passes for a while, and NOT A SINGLE ONE was forward! How can you play in midfield if you can't slot the ball forward to the, ahem, forwards? TDH's head was left shaking.


A few other pearls of the weeks past:

1. Clever Fergie, leaving the pitch at Old Trafford a mess for the Gooners' visit! Surprise, surprise, those cute little triangles didn't work on the surface of the moon.

2. Nice debut by Mauro Zarate at Birmingham. The Velez man gives you some action in the box, if nothing else.

3. Two goals for Walcott in a single game against a Premier League team? Can it be real? Is he finally fulfilling England's hopes?

4. Hard to say who looks the best side in the Champions League. Milan's defense seems ageless, but Manure could eat them for lunch if the Tevez-Rooney-Kiki Ron is on fire. They could eat anyone for lunch, in fact. But then, there's another trio of Messi-Henry-Ronaldinho that's back in action. Inter was the big disappointment. Cucho isn't replicating his Serie A form in Europe - too bad.

5. Boy, is TDH excited about Freddy Grisales at Independiente. He and Rolfi were born to play together. It's almost enough to make TDH want to cross the threshold of El Cilindro. We'll see. El Rojo is at the Bombonera in a couple of weeks....

6. Nani may be as big an ass as his idol, Kiki Ron. After that ridiculous hotdogging against the Goon Show, Gilberto Silva and then Sir both laid down the law. And what happened? He did it again yesterday. He should have been the one with the broken leg, not poor Eduardo da Silva. Ah, but you say you want justice in football?


Anonymous Palms said...

I still don't miss Allardyce though...As much of a twatting as that was on saturday, it still wasn't as bad as the uber-twatting dished out to us by Liverpool this season (Liverpool!!). That's about the only positive to be taken.

I'm glad you highlighted Zog's error for the first goal. Although my description of it would have just involved swear words. It was quite simply the act of someone who does not want to be at the toon. I can only compare it to Keiron Dyer's tea-pot impression when defending that corner against Barcelona a few seasons ago. It just makes you wonder how terrible Jose Enrique has been in training. And the sooner Barton is banged up, the better for all of us. His signing has been a disaster.

Oh and I just wanted to address the Robson comment. I've been reading a lot of nostalgia for the Robson era, and it's completely justified. For his first 3 seasons. However, we all seem to have forgotten how much he had lost the plot in his final season (when we finished 5th - wait, hear me out). The football being played was terrible and Robson had a dressing room in open revolt, and seemed to have no idea how to fix things. He was regualarly at war with fans for pointing out this out. Let's not forget that it was the right decision to sack him. Obviously our expectations had been raised by Robson, but the team was definitely struggling. The only issue we all had was with the timing of the sacking, and replacement.

Pleased to see Inter cock it up so badly. A horrible team, with horrible players and horrible fans. They've been like this forever. I dance a jig of joy everytime they humiliate themselves in Europe.

6:38 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

I don't miss Big Ham, either, but I have a couple of caveats on your comments, Palms.

First, Zog has gamely played wherever the managers have put him, and he's one of the few players with a bit of spark that we have. I hope Keegle disciplines him, but we need him - for now.

You're right that Sir Bob lost the plot at the end of his tenure, but I ask you: Who is more likely to have learned from his mistakes, Old Snowy Hair or Keggy? And besides, it would take Sir Bob at least three years to exchange this team for a band of juvenile delinquents like the one he collected last time.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

It was the right decision to sack Robson, but at completely the wrong time. He should have gone in May along with Jenas, Bellamy and Dyer. Instead we got Souness and his Full Metal Jacket routine.

Freddy Shepherd, so much to answer for.

2:36 PM  

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