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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fiesta de futbol

Yes, football is back. TDH wasn't overly excited by the Olympic tournament - heck, not even the Argentines were. It's not as though they all flooded towards the Obelisk in the center of Buenos Aires to celebrate every victory. Nope, they didn't even show after the final. Nice timing, though - a 1 a.m. kick-off was just about perfect for locals finishing up their Friday dinners.

More heartening for TDH were a different pair of Argentine-related developments. First, Coloccini and Gutierrez seem to be admirable additions to the side - good on you, Keegle. We still lack creativity in midfield, but perhaps Guthrie will grow into the job. TDH personally feels that Milner should play the creative role in the center with Gutierrez and Zog or Duff on the wings, then two of our better strikers up front. It's nice to see Martins and Owen on the scoresheet so, ahem, early in the season. (So long, Shola, it took too long to unload you.)

The second development was directly linked to the first. Every Toon match now appears on Argentine television. Yes, even the Bolton match was there for the taking... if only TDH had known, perhaps TDH might have caught a few minutes, rather than sleeping through the usual vitamin-and-ibuprofen-mitigated hangover. And why should we be surprised? The Magpies now have more Argentine starters than any other team in the league.

More even than Manure, which, to be frank, looked rather toothless even against a misfiring Pompey. You can see why Sir won't let Kiki Ron go easily. To be honest, TDH can't imagine the pretty boy being as influential at Madrid, either. A couple more months without him is going to hurt the Red Mist. With Arsenal in nursery school and Liverpool's defense a bit suspect, bet on Chelsea for the championship.


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