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Sunday, January 22, 2006

"A few bad results and they are staring down the barrel of the sack."

TDH is starting to understand how it feels to be the chairman of a Premiership club.

The team is losing. Injuries are part of the story, but they can't be all of it. Some of the personnel are doing their jobs, others aren't, others may not have the ability needed to do them. The club has splashed plenty of cash already this year, and there are precious few prospects left to pick up in January - scouting was never the club's strong suit, in any case.

There's not much you can do to change the team's fortunes. You can't shop the whole squad or slow down the fixtures until the injured men come back. Even when they do, the season has been so disjointed that it's hard to see things getting back on track for a while. Yet the supporters expect action, something to give them hope. A deadeye striker might do the trick, but where does one find such a creature at this late hour?

So this is how managers get the sack. Souey's misfortunes may not be completely of his own making, but blameworthiness is not the only variable in the chairman's equation. It may be difficult to find a suitable replacement, but doing nothing becomes less and less acceptable by the week.

Surely, the hour has come.


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